We Write Quality Content

Blogs, Guest Posts, Webpages, White Papers & More!

We Write Quality Content

Blogs, Guest Posts, Webpages, White Papers & More!

We Write Quality Content

Blogs, Guest Posts, Webpages, White Papers & More!

We Write Quality Content

Blogs, Guest Posts, Webpages, White Papers & More!

We Write Quality Content

Blogs, Guest Posts, Webpages, White Papers & More!


Blue Thistle Content

The Blue Thistle Content® team of in-house, native English writers and editors can provide all your organic content needs.

Our organic content services include writing blogs, guest posts, website material, white papers, and more.


Our team of talented and dedicated writers and editors come from various backgrounds, including journalism, medicine, legal, business, real estate, security, and marketing.

We work closely with your SEO strategists to provide the best content possible tailored to meet your SEO objectives.

We divide up our writing and editing staff into small teams, each of whom has the appropriate background and experience for their specialty niche.


Our team members receive training in and are intimately familiar with industry-standard tools, including

  • SEMrush and the SEMrush Writing tool
  • SEO Surfer
  • Grammarly
  • Frase
  • Ntopic
  • Copyscape
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Sapling
  • WordPress
  • Google Drive, Including Google Docs and Google Sheets
  • Many Internet Marketing Support Tools
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"Bill and his staff of writers always provide clear, concise articles that give helpful answers to our readers. They are always our first choice for writers!"


- Lani L

“Cathy and her team do an excellent job of augmenting our current Content Strategy. I am impressed with the speed and quality of their outputs.”


- Dustin S

“Bill and his team have added tremendous amount of value to our agency. Their skilled content writers, editors and staff provide on point articles that are SEO friendly and easy to digest. On top of that, they communicate every day with us and never miss a deadline.”


- Emin A

“Cathy and her team provide A+ firearm-related content at fantastic prices and with phenomenal turnaround speed. Would highly recommend for any type of content.”


- Jamnis T

“Cathy and her team have provided exceptional content creation services to me and my team for over 4 years. They are kind, professional and their work is always top notch.”


- Julia K

“Bill and his team have provided a number of web content projects for us over the last few years, always to a high standard. The team has been dependable and creative and their content versatile and delivered on time without fail. They’ve consistently shown a good understanding of the business needs and have been very responsive.”


- Karolina C

"We've trusted Blue Thistle Content to write all the social media, blog, and web copy for our company and our clients during the last few years and couldn't be happier. After 3 years of working with countless copywriters and having to go behind them and fix the work and sentence structure, we are so relieved to have found a team worthy of our business. Not only do they write in a tone relevant to each of our client's industries, but they also provide 100% SEO-optimized content with keywords and meta descriptions. This knocks off even more checkboxes on our task list. Needless to say, their work is truly exceptional! Thank you Blue Thistle Content!"


- Allison L., Webmark

Employment Opportunities

Want to be a member of our team?

We only hire native English writers and editors. We use a very strict quality control process
that includes line-editing by two editors and the use of Copyscape.

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